Learning Management System (LMS) for Alumni



  1. We care for all our elite university graduates!  This per-registration will give you P 1,111.00 worth of discount when you avail of the Alumni LMS course.
  2. We will upload your Alumni LMS coupon on your dashboard.
  3. This is open to all alumni who completed the  Beginner and Intermediate courses.
  4. The discount code can only be used One time by the registered user email of the alumni student.
  5.  Access to the alumni course coupon will be valid for  3 months.  Kindly take note of your discount code and apply it during the Checkout.
  6. Release of coupons to verified Alumni will be every Thursday. The cut-off day is Wednesday.
  7. We will reply only to verified alumni since we are receiving numerous emails on a daily basis.