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Understand the Basic Trading Concepts in Cryptocurrency and learn the FEAST System of Coach Miranda Miner to be profitable.  You will also learn about wallet management, position-sizing, and everything about ensuring you preserve your capital as a beginner.


  • Module 1: The Miranda Miner “FEAST Mindset”
  • Module 2: A Risk-Averse Port Creation
  • Module 3: The Coach Miranda Miner Trading System
    » Three (3) Beginner Profitable System
  • Module 4: Scalping 2.0 and Naked Charting and Reporting
  • Module 5:  Comprehensive Assessment
    » Remedial sessions (2 hours)
Classes start at noon.



Must have completed Beginner’s Class.


Intermediate Trader Disciplines in CryptoCurrency Trading – these 4 Disciplines talk about strategies to continue your journey in trading more effectively through the use of “proven” techniques of Coach Miranda Miner The ANATOMY of The Market – this is the core of our topic. This allows us to understand that the market is cyclical. This helps us avoid pull-back situations and ride on the trend when the market swings to a massive high. Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions – A review Group Work and Naked Charting Applications Standard Deviation & Scalping 2.0


  • Module 1: The 4 Disciplines of an Intermediate Trader
  • Module 2: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Creation
    » Quantitative Measurements to De-Risk your Crypto Portfolio
  • Module 3: The Big Market | Anatomy of the Feast
    » Application of the 3 Beginner Trade Set-ups in the big market structure
  • Module 4: The 16 Personality of Traders (your blindspots)
  • Module 5:  Comprehensive Assessment
  • Remedial sessions (2 hours)
Classes start at 12 PM.



Must have completed Beginner Class.


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The Mentoring 1:1 Program is a 4 -week learning course (1 session per week) wherein Mentors will review and refine the Mentee’s skills and learnings that they acquired from the Beginner & Intermediate Classes. The Mentor will focus on the concerns of the Mentee about the Miranda Miner System – technical charting/analysis, position-sizing, port creation, and even building up good habits in trading. 1 hour and 15 minutes per session/week for 4 weeks. Bonus 15-20 minutes checkpoint with Coach Miranda Mine.

Note: Upon enrolling, expect an email for schedule availability and confirmation.



Must have completed Beginner and Intermediate Class


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